Month: September 2019


“You Have One Minute Remaining”

Her voice is awful. She’s rude and inconsiderate — often interrupting deep conversation with her monotone nonsense. Even after nine months of hearing her voice, it remains an annoyance. My husband calls daily, multiple times a day, in fact. The minutes we spend on the phone, regardless of how pointless the conversation, are extremely precious to us both. But it certainly doesn’t come without … Read More “You Have One Minute Remaining”


Finding Strength in Weakness

This morning I stormed out of a staff meeting. It certainly was not my greatest moment. I wish I were able to say it was not my fault but I have no one else to blame but myself, for it was I who had chosen to walk through this particular valley silently and pridefully alone. I had chosen pride over humility. Instead of facing … Read More Finding Strength in Weakness

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