A Few Parts Shy of Being Considered Useful

There, I sat on the dusty garage floor, wrench in hand, sweat running down my nose, and in front of me sat what used to be an intact lawn mower now just a few parts shy of being considered useful

In all my frustration (and yes, I’ll admit a bit of self-pity) I thought, I’m so tired of fixing broken things. (Though, I think to write those words in all caps might be a bit more accurate in tone).

But just as quickly as that thought crossed my mind so too did the next.

Imagine if God ever tired of fixing broken things.

Woah. If I was needing a gut punching, reality check, that was surely it.

Sure, I’m exhausted and feeling more drained by the day with all the upkeep and maintenance as a homeowner on top of all the other roles I bear in this current stage of life; but, when I think of all the times God could have tired of fixing me (a broken sinner), I’m reminded of the patience my God has extended to me over the years. He continues filling in the missing pieces of my soul with His extraordinary grace in a process of making me more and more like Christ.

Focusing on all the things that need to be tended to is mentally exhausting; there are simply not enough hours in the day or days in the week to make it all happen. But I don’t want to live there, swallowed by a list of to-dos so much so that my physical, mental, and spiritual health are depleted. I want to bask first in the presence of the Lord, focusing not on the overwhelming things awaiting my TLC but rather on Jesus, the founder and perfecter of my faith (Heb 12:2, ESV).

I’m so glad God is in the business of fixing broken things.

If God weren’t in such a relentless, merciful restorative business, I would remain the incomplete and damaged mess I am — a few parts shy of being considered useful.

If God weren’t in such a relentless, merciful restorative business, I would remain the incomplete and damaged mess I am — a few parts shy of being considered useful.

Thank you, Lord, for never growing weak or weary and giving up on me (Isa 40:28). Thank you, Jesus, for allowing your body to be broken that I be made whole (Isa 53:5). Though I often feel a few parts shy of being useful, you call me your masterpiece, created anew in Christ Jesus with purpose (Eph 2:10). Lord, thank you for your unyielding grace.

Published by B. Stanley

Brooke lives in beautiful southwest Oklahoma where she faithfully serves God and His people as a Ministry Director at a local church. Brooke has been walking very closely with the Lord since 2015 after surrendering her life to Christ at the age of 24. For Brooke, writing simply began as an outlet through journaling. As the Lord called her deeper into vocational ministry, she felt Him asking for greater transparency and vulnerability. She now openly and honestly shares her past and current realities with a great hope for those who read her words. Having experienced the grandeur of God's grace herself it is her mission that others, too, would find freedom from the chains that bind them and embrace His relentless amazing grace. Her testimony is one of failure and success, brokenness and blessing, shame and freedom. You’ll find her sitting at the sinner’s table, compassionately and empathetically speaking to every outsider, destitute, and cast-away of the world. Because after all, that’s the grandeur of grace.

One thought on “A Few Parts Shy of Being Considered Useful

  1. Nice blog. Short and to the point, and uses a story. But what do I know? I’m not even up to 50 followers! However, I HAVE been reading Christian blogs lately, and yours is the first one ( after many I kept reading to the end. Blessings.


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