The Grandeur of Grace

A non-profit Christian organization serving those who’ve served our country.

Our Purpose

The Grandeur of Grace exists to eliminate barriers for veterans by creating a community of resources, training and support which enables them to effectively transition back into the community. 

Our Mission

Serving those who’ve served.

Our Vision

To see lives changed, barriers overcome, hope restored, freedom found, and purpose discovered.

Our Values

Jesus. Grace.
Freedom. Community.
Restoration. Purpose.

Join the Mission

Regardless of the amount of time served or the circumstances of one’s discharge veterans (and thier families) are faced with numerous hurdles. Our desire is to elliminate barriers and ease the hurdles they face.

Our Board of Directors

Chris Brown

Army Veteran
Co-Founder of The Grandeur of Grace

Brooke Stanley
Vice President + Secretary

Army Veteran
Co-Founder of The Grandeur of Grace

Tami Sue Keller

Daughter of a Retired Marine Vietnam Vet
Mother of Army + Navy Veteran

Grandeur of Grace Incorporated

©2021 The Grander of Grace. All rights reserved. Grandeur of Grace Incorporated is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, EIN 87-2041719. Donations are tax-deductible.

Contact Us:


(580) 318-7915

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