B. Stanley




Born and raised in Jackson, Michigan, Brooke joined the U.S. Army to venture out on her own in effort to find purpose. On her journey she met her now husband, Danny. They married in 2012 and shortly thereafter became the legal guardians to their 6-year-old niece who is nothing less than a daughter to the two. Since September 2015, Brooke has been walking very closely with the Lord after surrendering her life to Christ at the age of 24. The Stanleys now reside in Oklahoma where they remain devoted to serving God and His Church. For Brooke, writing simply began as an outlet through journaling. As the Lord called her deeper into vocational ministry, she felt Him asking for greater transparency and vulnerability. She now openly and honestly shares her past and current realities with a great hope for those who read her words. Having experienced the grandeur of God's grace herself it is her mission that others, too, would find freedom from the chains that bind them and embrace His relentless amazing grace. Her testimony is one of failure and success, brokenness and blessing, shame and freedom. You’ll likely find her sitting at the sinner’s table, compassionately and empathetically speaking to every outsider, destitute, and cast-away of the world. Because that’s the grandeur of grace.

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