Even in the Valley

It was the bathtub spout diverter that provoked the tears tonight. As I wrestled with the faucet tears began to well up in my eyes — tears that really had nothing to do with the silly bathtub faucet.

You see, that was just the tipping point.

My plate of responsibilities has become increasingly full since my husband was sentenced by the military criminal justice system to three years confinement; and tonight there was simply no more space on my plate for that darn bathroom faucet.

Clean the house, walk the dogs, help with homework, go to work, run the errands, mow the lawn, make the appointments, refill the prescriptions, pay the bills, write to congress, be sure to take care of self and NOW fix the bathtub faucet.


All I could think was, I don’t have time for this!

So, the tears … they came, not from the faucet, but from the overwhelming load I felt I was carrying on my own.

But, instead of succumbing to the immense stress and becoming angry or discouraged, I humbled myself before my God and asked him for the strength to endure.

I sought comfort in Him for I knew it was He who was the only one able to provide.

I prayed Psalm 23 and was reminded of His promises.

God doesn’t just stand by and watch over us as we walk through the dark valleys of our lives; He walks with us.

He provides us with a safe place to rest, renewing our strength, protecting us from our enemies and comforting us in our troubles.

So my plate may overflow with responsibilities,  I may feel submerged beneath the weight of it all, and tears may fall at times, but, regardless my soul will cling to the promises of my God for I know His goodness and unfailing love will pursue me all the days of my life, and I will live in the house of the Lord forever (Ps. 23:6).

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